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Do you want to take your career to the next level? Are you facing a challenging workplace dilemma? PRSA’s Mentor Match can provide the guidance you need to achieve your career related goals. Mentor Match lets you choose the perfect mentor to help you advance you career. Our mentors from the prestigious PRSA College of Fellows can provide you with solid advice so that you can:

  • Strengthen your resume to find your dream job.
  • Cultivate and grow new ideas and programs.
  • Secure your first job in the public relations industry.
  • Smoothly work through a tough career transition.
  • Develop your own public relations practice.
  • Pursue PR as a new profession.
  • Set and achieve goals for a successful career.
  • Solve a challenging work-related problem.

Mentor Match is a great opportunity to gain an outside perspective from one of the program’s many experienced public relations professionals. Our mentors share their knowledge, skills and expertise with their mentees, providing them with a fresh perspective on their profession. Achieve your career goals with PRSA —sign up today!

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