Strategies & Tactics

February 2019

Storytelling & Writing

More organizations are finding value in developing programs focused on advocating for social good. How can communicators serve as storytellers in a way that makes an impact that is measurable and sustainable?

When it’s time to actively look for a new career opportunity, it’s easy to become overzealous with the application process. Keep these tips in mind when planning and coordinating your job search.

Writing and editing copy are primary responsibilities for PR professionals, and even the best writers should continue to sharpen their skills. Crafting strong writing is a choice, and it begins with your mindset.

Public relations is a chaotic business. At any given time, you must manage dozens of strategic tasks, personnel and clients. But with some effort, you can put systems in place to help everything run smoother.

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About Strategies & Tactics

Strategies & Tactics is PRSA’s all-new monthly, a fresh-looking, modern newspaper with bigger, bolder images along with a high-quality, heavier paper stock.

The publication — highlighting the strategic and the tactical aspects of the profession — features hands-on, how-to articles and magazine-style pieces in a more multifaceted visual package.

Strategies & Tactics will help you stay up-to-date with the latest news, best practices and information about everything from crisis communications to social media to reputation management. The monthly newspaper also provides feature-length commentary on the strategic importance of public relations as well as case studies and views on changing concepts in communications.

Our goal is to provide lifelong learning to help you improve your job skills, stay competitive and advance your career.

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