5 Tips for Giving Effective Feedback

March 4, 2019


Your employees may not recall a conversation or meeting from a few months ago, but they will remember a presentation from last week or a talk you had with them yesterday. This is why it’s important to give feedback in real-time, rather than just during an annual performance review.

“People can actually take your feedback, consider it in light of their actions and learn from the experience,” according to Inc. magazine. “Most companies (and their employees) would be much better off creating a more natural feedback process and eliminating any long, drawn-out procedures they currently have in place.”

Make sure your staff are not taken aback by the dialogue that you’re having during your one-year review, but that it's an ongoing, open discussion. “The whole point of a yearly check-in is that there shouldn’t be any surprises. It should be a conversation where both parties feel like they’re on the same page,” according to Inc.

Also try to provide people with specific examples of how they did well or poorly. If you just say, “Nice work,” then how will they know what they can improve on or how to keep doing a good job?

If workers can respond to what you’re saying, the more helpful it is to both parties. “They recognize it, they’re already thinking it through and they’re taking ownership,” the article says. “That’s a good opportunity to let the person who’s getting the feedback come up with the solution and implement it on their own.”

You must invest in your employees and develop a good process for sharing praise and criticism with them. This shows that you care about their growth and want to see them succeed, which builds trust, strengthens bonds and helps people become their best.

Here are five things to remember when giving employee feedback:

  1. Focus on giving real-time feedback.
  2. Involve both people in the process.
  3. Always add context.
  4. Make sure it’s timely.
  5. Build trust.


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