Backstage Q-and-A With Aria Finger

November 2, 2018

Aria Finger [albert chau]
Aria Finger [albert chau]

What’s the origin of DoSomething.org, and how has its mission evolved?

We were founded by Andrew Shue of “Melrose Place” fame. He founded DoSomething with the idea that community service should be as cool as sports. He believed that young people are an untapped resource of passion and power and activism, and that mission has carried all the way through.

I joined in 2005, but we’re a 25-year-old organization. We still want the power of young people, but what’s changed is we’re just using different tactics.

What’s one key misconception people have about Gen Zers and millennials?

That they’re always on, always oversharing. We’ve always seen that IRL [“in real life”] interactions have been critically important, both anecdotally and in our surveys.

The biggest barrier we see for our campaigns is young people saying, “How can I share this? I don’t really use Twitter; maybe I use Snapchat, but just to communicate with friends.”

What is inspiring to you about today’s youth?

I’m inspired by their sense of endless possibility. When I get a campaign from young people, the goal is to, like, cure cancer, which is awesome and great. Sometimes you get jaded and too bogged down with what hasn’t worked, and you don’t think something [huge] like that is possible anymore. — Dean Essner


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