5 Ways to Create Better Communications Outcomes

June 27, 2018


When I landed my first communications role, I thought it was enough to just ask, “What do you want to communicate?” and then to spread that message. But I quickly learned that only communicating others’ ideas, rather than helping craft messages and their outcomes, would leave me stuck in tactical roles.

In communications, many of us are still trying to bridge the gap between delivering messages and becoming strategic business partners. Change management can help us achieve that goal. A collective term for the approaches taken to prepare and support individuals and teams to make changes in an organization, “change management” sometimes means a new project is being taken on that involves changes to work processes, job roles, organizational structures and technology.

Managing an end-to-end change requires mapping out a detailed, people-centric journey from the current to the future state of the organization, while addressing a broad range of factors that influence change and measuring the project’s progress and outcomes. By adding change-management techniques to my communications approach, I’ve won a seat at the strategic table and achieved more successful outcomes.

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