Crafting Resonant Messages: Communications Leaders on College Campuses Speak Out

May 1, 2018

Members of PRSA’s Counselors to Higher Education Section met on April 11–13 in Nashville, Tenn., for their annual Senior Summit. Strategies & Tactics asked three Section members about the state of their sector.

Q-and-A Participants:

Jeanette DeDiemar, Ph.D.
Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
University of Indianapolis

Michael Hemmesch
Director of Public Relations
College of Saint Benedict
and Saint John’s University

Tasha Neumeister
Communications Manager
Loyola University Chicago

What are the biggest challenges that communications leaders in higher education face today?

Jeanette DeDiemar, Ph.D.: In higher education, communications professionals are facing unprecedented challenges — from breaking through the cacophony of competing voices on social media to uncertain government policies, increased costs, and intensified audience and stakeholder expectations.

The evolution of technology also continues to have a significant influence on how we articulate and illuminate the impact of communications. There is an increasing need to understand data and use it in ways that resonate across diverse audiences. In this environment of the 24/7 media cycle, how we create and stimulate a content strategy supported by an institution-wide culture is critical.

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