Eliminate This Phrase From Your Vocabulary

April 2, 2018

“I never thought I would...”

It’s a phrase I’ve uttered several times over the course of my career, and it’s been inaccurate and shortsighted every time.

I never thought I would leave broadcast journalism when I started my career as a TV news producer. It was what I studied as an undergraduate and it was all I knew. But then the industry underwent drastic changes and it was time for something new, so I found my way into public relations.

I never thought I would pursue a master’s degree, but I soon realized the TV news skills I had successfully repurposed into PR skills were lacking in some respects. Improvising and relying on instinct could only get me so far, so I found my way into a graduate program with a heavy emphasis on public relations and communication theory.
I never thought I would earn my APR, as it seemed out of reach for someone like me — a refugee from journalism who had been lucky enough to land in public relations. But I looked on with admiration at my Accredited colleagues and how much better prepared, informed and regarded they seemed. So I found my way into the APR prep process, diving in with the same mix of zeal and trepidation that fueled my college education.

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