The Business Benefits of Strategic Diversity and Inclusion

April 2, 2018

[rawpixel: coca-cola]
[rawpixel: coca-cola]

“E. pluribus unum” graces the back of the U.S. dollar and is Latin for “out of many, one.”

The phrase captures the original vision of our country, where the differences of the colonies created a greater whole. This concept is also at the core of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) principles, which took center stage at a recent panel discussion co-hosted by PRSA’s Georgia Chapter and ColorComm, a national business community for women of color in the communications industry.

The panel — composed of Andrew Davis, chief diversity and inclusion officer at The Coca-Cola Company, Sharon V. Jones, senior vice president, director human resources and director of diversity and inclusion at Ketchum North America, and Anna Stevens, vice president of human resources and chief people officer at HD Supply — discussed everything from D&I’s business value and how to implement successful inclusion practices to the future of diversity in a millennial workforce.

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