5 Ways to Drive Collaboration Among Teams

April 2, 2018


While this assumption is false in some cases, the PR agency world often has a reputation of having catty, competitive co-workers. It’s vying for a promotion, and then gossiping if a peer gets it first. It’s purposefully turning in sloppy work so that a “competitive” co-worker misses a deadline. Or, it’s being downright nasty when a co-worker receives hard-earned kudos.

Fortunately, from my experience at PR agencies, this is just a stereotype — not an actuality. But at the same time, I know I’ve been lucky.

If you’re in a leadership position at a cutthroat PR firm, then there are ways to drive cooperation instead of morale-killing competition from your team. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you begin instilling these five tried-and-true tips. And hey, if you are fortunate enough to work on a collaborative team already, then these tips can further ensure that you drive cooperation among your co-workers, too.

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