The Simple Rights to Your Work and Counsel

March 1, 2018

Have you thought about your rights as a professional? Often, new professionals in their career will learn only by doing, by making mistakes, or by realizing what they can give to a client without over-servicing. If you’re not in the agency world, then you may learn how much work you can reasonably deliver for your position.

From interviewing for a job to pitching new business and keeping current campaigns profitable, every piece of advice or counsel you give, every project you implement and every new idea you come up with is a reflection of your expertise and the credibility of the PR profession.

Here are two scenarios that we can learn from.

Presenting in a job interview or new business pitch

One aspect of frequent job interviews or new business pitches nowadays is real-world application — whether it’s through a writing exam, oral presentation, or other initiative to test what a candidate knows beyond their résumé and portfolio. While independent practitioners know this scenario all too well, it can also be applied to a general interview setting.

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