5 Tips to Boost Workplace Morale in the Winter

February 1, 2018

[nate allred]
[nate allred]

As the chill of winter lingers, PR pros across the country are dreaming of cozying up, staying in bed and doing just about anything but work. But February is hardly a “throwaway month;” in fact, the busy PR profession rarely has a throwaway day, let alone a throwaway month.

This means that you need the best work from every single one of your employees this winter — whether they want to give it or not. On the bright side, there are a few ways that you can quickly reinvigorate your employees during the doldrums of winter and, as a bonus perk: They’re all low-cost or free!


1. Set big goals with even bigger rewards.

Your employees want to lounge at home in fuzzy socks and warm sweatpants; let them, but only if they’ve earned it and exceeded your necessary goals. For example, if you have a major presentation due on Thursday, then inspire your team to overcome procrastination by offering the perk of an early closing or a half-day Friday for completing the project ahead of schedule. If your team has a major pitch initiative, then incentivize top-notch work with a Starbucks gift card or, if you’re feeling crazy, provide an extra vacation day to the first employee who lands the story.

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