Triangular Communications: The Who, Why and How

Publication Date: 2008 Summer

Source: SO03 Public Relations Journal
Product Code: 6D-020301
Organization/Author/Firm: Lou C. Williams, ABC, APR / David M. Dozier, Ph.D.
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This study describes a model of triangular communication wherein the communicator treats management as a public. This model posits that the communicator serves as one corner of a communication triangle, conducts formative research on management as well as publics, and treats management and publics as targets of program planning/communication. Evaluating 22 case study organizations, the use of this model positively impacted overall success of communication/public relations audits. The theoretical basis of the article is derived from the noted Excellence Study on public relations both authors were intimately involved with. It also provides practical advice including detailing ten specific lessons learned through this examination of case studies, five suggestions regarding how to sell management on the idea of conducting a communication audit and eight detailed recommendations for conducting successful communication audits.