Louisville Slugger Returns Home

Publication Date: 1997

Source: SO08 Silver Anvil Award
Product Code: 6BW-9704A
Organization/Author/Firm: Hillerich & Bradsby Co.,   Doe-Anderson Advertising and Public Relations
Industry: Sports
Specialization(s): Special Events - Observances / Special Events - Observances more than 7 days / Opening or Reopening / Opening or Reopening
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Hillerich & Bradsby has been making world famous Louisville Slugger baseball bats and other sporting goods equipment since 1884. The company's headquarters have always been in Louisville, except for the factory operation, which, for 22 years, was located across the Ohio River in Indiana. H&B President, John A. "Jack" Hillerich III, often talked about his lifelong dream, which was to one day fully integrate the factory with the company's headquarters and a new museum -all in one Louisville location.

Three special events occurred over a 10-month period that define the scope of the company's relocation to downtown Louisville. Doe-Anderson used these events as communications benchmarks for measuring the project's overall success.

The most unique element is the transport and installation of a 120-foot, 66,000-pound steel bat, which stands at the entrance of the new facility. The giant Slugger is a model of Babe Ruth's 35-inch-long, 40-ounce bat that he used throughout his career.

The second element is the relocation of H&B's factory and headquarters.

The third, and final, element is a gala celebration and grand opening of a brand new museum dedicated to the greatest sluggers in the history of baseball. The museum would incorporate all of the above elements by allowing visitors to see the corporate offices as well as the ability to tour the factory and see how pro bats are being made for use by today's top players.