Haagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees: Let’s Lick This Problem - Marketing

Publication Date: 2009

Source: SO16 Silver Anvil Award of Excellence
Product Code: 6BE-0907C10
Organization/Author/Firm: Häagen-Dazs,   Ketchum
Industry: Consumer Products / Food - Beverage
Specialization(s): Marketing
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2009 Silver Anvil Award of Excellence Winner – Marketing Consumer Products – Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The Häagen-Dazs® brand recognized that it was an iconic, strong brand that had lost relevance with its consumers, and was looking for a way to highlight its all-natural positioning that would resonate. We were looking for a different way to crack the nut! The goal: to re-ignite consumer passion and boost annual sales growth by at least 1% and media impressions by 25% in 2008. At the essence of the brand is its commitment to all-natural ingredients. We uncovered an obscure problem, “disappearing honey bees” (referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder), threatening the existence of 40% of HD’s natural ingredients. HD saw a unique opportunity to be the champion of an under-reported but critical cause. HD Loves HB was born to connect with consumers in an authentic way, be first to put the cause on consumers’ radar in a major way, and underscore HD’s “all natural” brand value proposition by inextricably linking the important relationship between honey bees and its ice cream. HD created a new flavor in honor of the honey bees, placed a captivating bee logo on all products threatened by these pollinators, launched a new consumer education website, and produced print and TV advertising. But the biggest marketing lever of all for the campaign was public relations. The brand and Ketchum set the tone for the entire campaign, formed an expert advisory board, directed significant donation funds towards meaningful research and created an avenue for consumers in mass numbers to plant bee-friendly habitats to help save the bees. The campaign exceeded all management expectations in getting consumers, retail sales and media buzzing. HD experienced the highest sales increase in 12 months, garnered 277+ million impressions with $1.5 million in advertising equivalencies and increased consumer brand advocacy to 69%, the highest level among 19 different ice cream brands measured.