The Sugar Association, Inc

Publication Date: 1976

Source: SO08 Silver Anvil Award
Product Code: 6BW-7604C
Organization/Author/Firm: The Sugar Association, Inc. / Carl Byoir & Associates, Inc
Industry: Food - Beverage / Associations - Nonprofits / Health - Medical - Pharmaceutical
Specialization(s): Public Affairs - Government Relations / Crisis Management / Media Relations
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Sugar, because of its universal usage and visibility, was a natural target for the lay nutritionists and promoters of fad foods and diets who appeared to capitalize on the concern generated by the consumer movement. As a result, the industry faced a barrage of criticism in the media suggesting that public consumption of ever-increasing amounts of sugar was responsible for a far-ranging variety of health problems. The objectives of the program were to reach target audiences with the scientific facts concerning sugar, enlist their aid in educating the consuming public, and to establish with the broadest possible audience the safety of sugar as a food.