The Trayvon Martin Story

Publication Date: 2014

Source: SO16 Silver Anvil Award of Excellence
Product Code: 6BE-1412C06
Organization/Author/Firm: The Trayvon Martin Foundation and The Miami Foundation,   The TASC Group
Industry: Nonprofits Associations / Legal
Specialization(s): Crisis Management
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2014 Silver Anvil Award of Excellence Winner — Crisis Communications — Associations / Nonprofit Organizations

Campaigns include programs undertaken to deal with an unplanned event that required an immediate response.

On February, 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin was gunned down and killed by George Zimmerman while walking home after purchasing an iced tea and Skittles for his brother at a local store. A firestorm of protests erupted across the nation once the killing became public and the police had refused to arrest Zimmerman. After nearly six weeks of protests and a petition of over 2 million signatures, the local police finally charged him with attempted murder. National “Hoodies Up” protests ensued, sparking debates about society’s racial prejudice toward young men of color. President Obama said that if he had had a son he would look and dress like Trayvon. A little known law called “Stand Your Ground” (SYG), now in 21 states, became a lightning rod in the debate. In January 2013, right before the one year anniversary of Trayvon’s death, The Travyon Martin Foundation hired The TASC Group to represent the Trayvon Martin family, their legal team and the foundation’s programmatic mission. The foundation operates under the auspices of The Miami Foundation, a 501(c)3, as it awaits approval from the IRS of its own 501(c)3 status. The Miami Foundation paid our monthly retainer from funds collected by the Trayvon Martin Foundation. The TASC Group represented the Trayvon Martin family, their legal team and the Trayvon Martin Family Foundation through 2013 leading up to the trial, generating positive media attention for the family and the mission of the foundation's work.