Candace Tucker

Candace joined Community Coffee Company in 2010.  Her first responsibilities included support to Sales, Public Relations, Operations, Finance, and the general management of the Company. 

Candace served in multiple roles, including Events Manager and Executive Administrator where she managed the Board of Director meeting logistics, management reporting to our Board, review of Company communications, and the planning and execution of Company events.  She also provided executive support to the President and CEO; the Executive Management Team (EMT); and the Board of Directors.  In addition, Candace managed the Admin Team, a team of support personnel who provide support to senior leaders through collaboration, transparency, and consistency.  As People Connections Strategist, a role developed specifically to address the communication needs of Our People, Candace provided opportunities to improve workplace experience and engagement—Our People’s emotional and intellectual connection with the organization—through internal communication, recognition, events, and décor that aligned with our overall strategic objectives. 

Since joining the Company, Candace has worked on several major Company initiatives including the values refresh, execution of our Regional events, and implementation of an employee app.  She successfully led a team that implemented the Our People employee app, the first mobile app available to employees within the organization.  In May 2018 Candace became Communications Specialist and continues to work directly with senior leaders to formulate strategies to communicate with, motivate, and engage Our People.  She maintains responsibility for our internal communications strategy and employee events.  Candace strives to ensures consistency of internal messages with external positioning while providing support for media outreach, philanthropic and marketing efforts.

She has a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Louisiana State University and is a Notary Public in the state of Louisiana.  She enjoys traveling, exercise, and spending time with her husband and two dogs.

Prior to joining Community, Candace worked as a legal assistant, financial administrator, and software trainer.  She also served as an executive assistant for a private family-owned retail company and executive assistant for a non-profit organization.