Michael Smart

Photo of Michael Smart Michael Smart is the trainer and coach PR professionals turn to when they want to improve their communications results. He’s trained more than 10,000 communicators around the globe including teams at General Motors, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and many other organizations and agencies, large and small. His popular workshops sell out and he is regularly among the top-rated presenters at the PR conferences where he speaks.


“As someone who’s placed products on the front page of USA TODAY, in The New York Times Style Section and the Los Angeles Times Mag(azine), I admit I was a bit skeptical that Michael’s workshop would be advanced enough to help me. But, I gave it a chance, and within the first hour, he had given me two new angles for one of my clients I had never thought of before. He shows you how PR people have done the impossible, and how you can do it, too.” — Sabina Gault, director of corporate communications, Venture IAB, Los Angeles

“I took Michael’s workshop because I face the challenge of landing national coverage for what is traditionally a regional event — the Indiana State Fair. After applying his research and pitching techniques, I’ve had unbelievable results — USA TODAY ran a half-page article with a photo, and The New York Times reporter I pitched came to the fair and her story (w/photo) ran on the FRONT PAGE. The media response was better than any of us could have ever dreamed, and I believe much of it is a result of implementing some of the strategies Michael taught in his seminar. I’m a firm believer in his approaches.” — Andy Klotz, Indiana State Fair

“Michael is extremely knowledgeable and uses great real-life examples to illustrate a point. The overall information is great, but Michael presents it well, too. Great workshop! I enjoyed learning everything and really loved the example pitches and being able to see the results of them.” — Lauren Ebner, Honda

“During our lunch break at Michael’s workshop, I applied what he’d taught us that morning and pitched a New York City TV affiliate. By the end of the workshop that day the producer let me know the story would work!” — Alexandra Sirota, director of external communications, HELP USA

“I immediately used Michael’s techniques to place our clients in The Washington Post and on the AP national wire, and my national media experience has elevated me within the firm. I’m now PR director, and I continue to use his formula for national media results weekly to help my team develop new angles and hooks. He provides savvy tips, backed up with a wide range of examples from his own experience, so you can tell the knowledge is there. His teaching style breaks it down to a step-by-step process, all specifics. Michael’s workshop has certainly enhanced my career. ” — Gary Griffin, director of public relations, Adams & Knight

“This is, by far, the best workshop I have attended in my years of communications. Michael masterfully combines theory, best practices, examples and formulas. I have what I need for tomorrow and my strategic planning.” — J. Mike Moore, Emory’s Goizueta Business School

“One of the best professional development experiences I’ve ever had. . . I enjoyed the workshop format and the action Items really helped me internalize the information. I’m excited to go back to work and put what I’ve learned to practice.” — Melissa McGraw, Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation and Affiliates

“On a scale of one to ten, this workshop was a 9.5. Great nuggets of information that I’ll find ways to implement in my career. Best advice: when to call, when not to call.” — Will Zasadny, CHI-California Healthcare Institute

“Probably one of the best professional development experiences I’ve been to because Michael gives us time to implement what we are learning on the spot. He’s there to answer questions and walk us through areas that may have been difficult in past outreach experiences.” — Kristina Rozenbergs, C. Blohm and Associates

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