The Definitive Guide to PR Writing Module D: PR Writing Mastery

How to Set Your PR Writing Apart From Everyone Else and Maximize Your Impact

Course Duration: Approx. 6 hours
Lesson Duration: Approx. 60–90 minutes

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Category: Writing

As a professional journalist for 18 years before coming to PR, I still sometimes fall into writing slumps where the words just sit there on the paper. Not only does Michael breathe life into the fundamentals, but he courts creativity and serious strategic thinking. In the last module, he showed me how to tell stories in my content writing. I was thrilled. All of Michael’s tips strike the right tone between spare and wordy. I can still have warmth and energy in my writing and not sound like a robot. Slump over!   

— Susan Dosier, president, DK Communications, Charlotte, N.C.

Part four of the four-part e-learning course, “The Definitive Guide to PR Writing.” This module offers detailed skill-building techniques to create compelling communications materials.

“PR Writing Mastery” is focused on advanced writing techniques that help make your copy more exciting and memorable. Lessons include:

  • Writing in Pictures: Applying Creativity Without Distracting Your Readers.
  • Mastering the Element of Surprise: How to Use It to Stand Out.
  • How to Choose the Words That Keep Readers Engaged.
  • Leveraging the Never-Ending Interest in Story.
  • Starting Your Own Writing Style Revolution.
  • Tying It All Together: The 14-Step Smarter Writing Process.

Michael knows the challenges and grief we face as PR pros. With his typical flair, he shows how we can transform these weaknesses into strengths. He teaches bedrock principles and then how to apply those principles with real-world examples and hands-on exercises. He packages all of this goodness with an enthusiasm that propels you along. It’s fast-paced, it’s fun and something I’ll be sharing with the rest of my team.   

— Ken Li, PR director, Chempetitive Group, Chicago, Ill.

I’ve had the pleasure of taking several of Michael’s PR writing training courses over the years and I am one of his biggest fans. Michael is not only an awesome trainer but his personal style and method of explaining things really gets to the core to help continually improve your writing and PR skills and utilize them in your daily work life. I highly recommend Michael’s training to anyone who wants to be a better PR practitioner.   

— Nicola Blazier, vice president, Jesson+Company, Toronto, Canada

I’ve put my teams through Michael’s online PR writing course at two different companies. Everyone was overwhelmingly positive and felt they learned a lot. I saw a distinct improvement in the writing skills of almost everyone who took part. The course was engaging and relevant for everyone. I can highly recommend Michael’s course and I can assure you — it produces results!   

— Maria Kuhn, corporate communications director

Before I took Michael’s online PR writing course, my writing was mediocre. Now that I’ve completed it, I’m confident in my writing and even find myself citing the course to my boss. I used what I learned to cut an email pitch down and the journalist told me it was great!   

— Alisa Langer, account coordinator, Benson Marketing Group, Armonk, N.Y.

Last year, I bought Michael’s “Crafting the Perfect Pitch” course and I benefited immensely from it. Thanks to his tips, I am now able to land more media placements than ever before. So when Michael introduced his “Definitive Guide to PR Writing” course, it was a no-brainer for me. Within 10 minutes of the course introduction, I bought it. I know I will improve my writing skills the same way I improved my pitching skills.   

— Jay Srinivasan, PR manager, LAN, Washington, D.C.

I purchased Michael’s writing course because I have already experienced great success in garnering media coverage from using his tips and tools provided through his other resources. I was looking for an opportunity to expand my PR writing and storytelling proficiency. So far, the course is insightful and engaging and has already taught me important lessons that I know will assist me with improving my writing skills.   

— Katrina Crocker, communications and marketing specialist, Central NY Community Foundation, Syracuse, N.Y.


Michael Smart, principal, MichaelSMARTPR

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Michael Smart is the trainer and coach PR professionals turn to when they want to improve their communications results. He’s trained more than 10,000 communicators around the globe including teams at General Motors, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and many other organizations and agencies, large and small. His popular workshops sell out and he is regularly among the top-rated presenters at the PR conferences where he speaks.



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