Social Media: What is Working Right Now

Open to All PRSA Members | Hosted by the Association/Nonprofit Section

This section webinar is not currently available. Email the Professional Development Department to inquire about future availability of this program.

Categories: Communication Strategy, Emerging Trends, Social Media

The digital landscape seems to change every day and keeping up with the strategies that are working right now seems downright impossible. In this webinar, you will learn how to keep on top of what actually matters in social media. You will learn a strategy to future proof your organization and hear how other organizations have used social media to build a community that has helped them to hedge against inevitable changes. Learn why most organizations don’t get the traction they had hoped for in social media and how you can circumvent their mistakes.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Explain which social media channels to choose for your mission.
  • Define how create a content marketing plan that helps you pivot through changes.
  • Differentiate which tactics that make the most sense for your organization right now (Blogging, Podcasting, Video and Social Media Platforms, etc.).
  • Identify tips to evaluate social media tools to increase your productivity.


Kami Huyse, APR, CEO, Zoetica Media, LLC

Kami Huyse, APR, is a public relations professional and author that helps organizations connect with online communities to build awareness for their brand; contribute meaningfully to the community; and drive measurable results. She is the CEO of Zoetica Media, a digital marketing and public relations agency, the founder of the Social Media Breakfast of Houston, co-founder of the Communities That Convert podcast, and co-founder of She also serves on the board of Civilination, a nonprofit dedicated to taking a stand against online harassment, character assassination and violence.


Participants with the APR credential earn 1.0 APR Maintenance Credit for a webinar. Learn more about Accreditation maintenance.