What are the 10 Golden Crisis Rules for the Digital Age?

The new rules of crisis management - and the modern crises which define them

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Category: Crisis & Reputation

Digital and social media has transformed reputation threat, particularly the speed at which issues blow up - and how organizations fight back in a crisis. Several of the top crisis counselors in the US recently examined modern crisis defenses in a newly published eBook, 'The New Rules of Crisis Management'. This webinar will identify the 10 golden rules from those crisis experts - and examine topical crises such as Starbucks, Southwest, Equifax, Wells Fargo and Patagonia to help understand the new rules in action.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of digital technology on crisis planning and response.
  • Define the new priorities in building a crisis preparedness and response plan.
  • Identify the emerging techniques and technology that a crisis team now requires.
  • Cite case studies and examples of the new crisis rules in action.

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Christopher Britton, chief operating officer, RockDove Solutions

Photo of Christopher Britton

Chris Britton is COO of RockDove Solutions, based in Northern Virginia. He has served as executive leader of business operations since the company was founded in 2014. During this time, it launched the award winning In Case of Crisis mobile app which is now used by over 750 institutions large and small. Chris has spent more than 30 years in technology, including leadership roles at AT&T, VOCUS (now CISION) and Rosetta Stone.

Mike Hatcliffe, consultant on reputation & risk, RockDove Solutions

Photo of Mike Hatcliffe

Mike is a 30-year veteran of crisis management, having worked for many years in the UK and, for the past 19 years, the US. Prior to joining the In Case of Crisis team in January 2017, Mike spent 14 years at Ketchum and subsequently led Ogilvy's North American corporate reputation practice for 10 years. In addition to his role with RockDove Solution's In Case of Crisis, Mike regularly consults with organizations facing crises or wishing to build more effective crisis response plans.


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