Communicating Cause: Five Things We Get Wrong in Social Cause Communication

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Categories: Communication Strategy, Emerging Trends

This webinar is designed for communications professionals that spent at least part of their time advocating for social or political causes, and are frustrated at their inability to rise above the noise.

Why does the opposition get all the press? Why do our detractors command so much attention? Why can’t we penetrate the public dialogue with our messaging?

Participants will learn about how a public narrative is formed and how the public comes to adopt a particular frame around an issue. Then we will dive deep on the top five trends that issue advocates use in their messaging to examine ways to shift organizational messaging to introduce more compelling and alternative frames to the public narrative. We will examine why certain practices don’t work, and how they may actually be making the problem worse.

Why should communicators ignore advice to “meet the audience where they are”? Why should we avoid myth busting when there is so much inaccurate information out there? How can I communicate the urgency of my issue without being an alarmist? Is it really all that important to segment messaging by audience? Why is the opposition so good at controlling the storyline when we are talking about issue in the same way?

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • See how dominant public mindsets impact the way the public thinks and talks about the issues you care about, and identify ways to begin to shift those mindsets to help your cause.
  • Use the latest in strategic framing research to break open what we have all been taught are the best ways to communicate on important issues, and see how the research suggests we ought to communicate instead.
  • Identify the most common bad habits in social cause communications, ways to avoid them and the best alternative practices to stop the bleeding.


Shaun E. Adamec, founder and president, Adamec Communications

Shaun Adamec is founder and president of Adamec Communications, a strategic communications consulting practice exclusively serving mission-driven organizations. Adamec is an experienced writer and storyteller, helping to develop narrative, voice, tone and messaging for some of the nation’s most noteworthy nonprofit brands including City Year, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the American Red Cross and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. Additionally, Adamec’s experience in government and politics includes communications and messaging support for a city council, a major-city mayor, a governor and a presidential campaign. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Providence College and a Master of Arts in government and political communications from The Johns Hopkins University, and lives with his wife and three children near Boston.



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