Easing Racial Tensions at Work (Part 2 of 2)

Hosted by the PRSA Foundation and Center for Talent Innovation (CTI)

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Category: Leadership & Management

This is Part 2 of a content collaboration between the PRSA Foundation and the Center for Talent Innovation, supporting the realization of competitive business advantage through diversity and inclusion. Part 1 is entitled; Disrupt Bias, Drive Value and was broadcasted live on Wednesday, December 4 at 3pm EST.

Seven in 10 Americans view race relations in the United States as poor -  nearly matching a record high, according to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Reports of hate-motivated confrontations on city streets thread through our newsfeeds and are amplified on social media.  Outside our own social circles, however, we don’t talk about these painful encounters, especially when we or our loved ones are the target.  We don’t discuss with people unlike ourselves the experiences that divide us.  Certainly we don’t talk about them at work, one of the few settings where we commonly interact across racial and ethnic lines. 

That silence, as new research from the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) reveals, is costing us dearly.  In offices where no one talks about discrimination encountered outside of work, multicultural employees feel increasingly isolated and alienated by the lack of outreach from their colleagues.  In offices where none of us feels comfortable talking about race relations, our ability to understand our coworkers’ lived reality suffers, and trust among us erodes.  The good news?  We know how to break the silence and begin the healing.  This webinar will discuss our findings on the cost of silence, the benefits of courageous conversation, and the best way – at work – to bridge the divides in our communities.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  • Learn how race relations spill into the workplace
  • Gain insight into how the experience of bias at work impacts employees’ interactions with colleagues and commitment of the company
  • Understand how talking about these tensions can affect employees’ engagement, morale, and loyalty
  • Uncover workplace practices that “break the silence” to facilitate constructive dialogue about race and race relations.

PRSA Foundation
The PRSA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the PRSA, raising funds to fuel the passions, dreams and futures of a diverse range of ambitious and promising students.  We are committed to improving the ethnic and racial diversity of the public relations profession by supporting projects and partners that attract diverse students to the profession and prepare them to succeed and rise when they enter the workforce.  We have an ACTION BIAS – forwarding initiatives that achieve meaningful and measurable impact.

CTI (Center for Talent Innovation)
The mission of the Center for Talent Innovation is two-fold: to drive ground-breaking research that leverages talent across the divides of gender, generation, geography and culture; and to create a community of senior executives united by an understanding that full utilization of the global talent pool is at the heart of competitive success.


Ripa Rashid, Center for Talent Innovation

Photo of Ripa Rashid

Ripa Rashid is co-president at the Center for Talent Innovation and a managing partner at Hewlett Consulting Partners, specializing in global talent and leadership strategies.  She spent over a decade as a management consultant with global firms including including Booz & Company, PwC, and Mitchell Madison Group, and held senior positions at MetLife and Time Warner. Rashid is coauthor of Winning the War for Talent in Emerging Markets: Why Women are the Solution (Harvard Business Review Press, 2011), Asians in America: Unleashing the Potential of the “Model Minority,” the book, Growing Global Executives: The New Competencies (Center for Talent Innovation, 2015), as well as numerous reports and whitepapers. Rashid has lived and worked in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, and speaks four languages. She earned an AB cum laude in astronomy and astrophysics from Harvard University, an MA in anthropology from New York University, and an MBA from INSEAD.


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