Disrupt Bias, Drive Value (Part 1 of 2)

Hosted by the PRSA Foundation and Center for Talent Innovation (CTI)

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Category: Leadership & Management

This is the inaugural event of a 2-part content collaboration between the PRSA Foundation and the Center for Talent Innovation, supporting the realization of competitive business advantage through diversity and inclusion.  Part 2 is entitled; Easing Racial Tensions at Work and will broadcast live on Wednesday, January 9 at 3pm EST.

Efforts to combat bias by raising awareness among leaders have fallen short. Minority representation in public relations  remains inadequate and growth is unacceptably slow.  New research conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) offers a  fresh approach to identifying and removing obstacles to much-needed progress.  This seminar will examine key ways in which bias occurs in the identification, development and promotion of specific talent cohorts, the impact on those it affects, and the resulting cost to organizations.

Drawing on 14 years of research, CTI will provide strategies for lessening the perception of bias to more fully engage a diverse range of talent.  Most importantly, they are able to validate the efficacy of these strategies – arming organizations, business leaders, and talent executives with the tools they need to disrupt bias and uncover value.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  • Learn how bias manifests in corporate culture
  • Gain an appreciation of bias from the perspective of the employee who experiences it
  • Understand how unconscious bias affects opinions, decisions, and assumptions affecting an employee’s potential to advance, especially in processes such as performance review, hiring, selection, and promotion
  • Discover how bias hits the bottom line
  • Explore approaches to being proactive in disrupting bias.

PRSA Foundation
The PRSA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the PRSA, raising funds to fuel the passions, dreams and futures of a diverse range of ambitious and promising students.  We are committed to improving the ethnic and racial diversity of the public relations profession by supporting projects and partners that attract diverse students to the profession and prepare them to succeed and rise when they enter the workforce.  We have an ACTION BIAS – forwarding initiatives that achieve meaningful and measurable impact.

CTI (Center for Talent Innovation)
The mission of the Center for Talent Innovation is two-fold: to drive ground-breaking research that leverages talent across the divides of gender, generation, geography and culture; and to create a community of senior executives united by an understanding that full utilization of the global talent pool is at the heart of competitive success.


Ripa Rashid, Center for Talent Innovation

Photo of Ripa Rashid

Ripa Rashid is co-president at the Center for Talent Innovation and a managing partner at Hewlett Consulting Partners, specializing in global talent and leadership strategies.


Participants with the APR credential earn 1.0 APR Maintenance Credit for a half-day course. Learn more about Accreditation renewal.