Communicating to Manage Performance Certificate Program


Course Duration: Approx. 4–5 hours

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Full Price: $1,225
Members: $975

Category: Leadership & Management

The Communicating to Manage Performance (CMP) Certificate Program is a dynamic skills-based certificate of completion course designed to empower managers, team leaders and supervisors to build performance every day, through effective, consistent workplace communication. This online course will enable you to take advantage of emerging management best practices that focus on day-to-day behavior and tangible high-performance results.

The CMP Certificate Program will fundamentally help you achieve three goals:

  • Solid communication skills for developing and sustaining a core team.
  • Manage competitive strength for communicating results.
  • The ability to produce solutions in today’s globally-networked environment through clear, thoughtful and comprehensive messaging.

Participants will gain or enhance skills that will allow them to set expectations, provide clear and timely redirection of performance or behavior that is ineffective (or inappropriate) and value the unique contribution of each employee through proven listening and encouraging techniques. After taking this course, you will be armed with substantive tools to enhance your career and provide immediate application at work.

The CMP Certificate Program provides the building blocks that emerging and experienced leaders need to make a powerful impact within their workplace.

The topics within this Certificate Program include: setting expectations, clear communication, ownership of performance behavior, positive performance feedback, active listening, acknowledgement of ideas and appropriate feedback for improvement.

CMP Certificate Program Modules:


Participants with the APR credential earn 0.5 renewal CEUs for each completed module of this course, for a total of 3.0 CEUs. Learn more aboutAccreditation.