Communication Strategies for Managers

5 Tips for Developing Stronger Communication with Employees

On-Demand, available until Dec. 31, 2019
Recorded Aug. 8, 2017

Categories: Communication Strategy, Leadership & Management

Our management style and image is often determined by our communication skills.  Our professional image and reputation can be enhanced through the use of sound communication principles that will ensure engagement and ownership.  Join us for this webinar as we explore five ideas for developing your professional communication delivery with employees.

By the end of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Describe behaviors during positive and corrective feedback to create alignment
  • Define the three most effective questions that will benefit both the manager and the employee during a dialog
  • Understand why learning the diverse communication style of each employee creates impactful relationships
  • Learn techniques for remaining calm during difficult employee conversations
  • Discover what gets in the way of listening and how to establish new listening skills


Suzanne Updegraff, president, Employee Development Systems

Photo of Suzanne Updegraff

Suzanne Updegraff drives the vision and strategy of EDSI. Her skill in building professional relationships has made EDSI a leading provider of performance improvement and management development courses. Her signature strength in marketing and her creative approach to working with clients has guided EDSI through substantial growth over the past 20 years.

Prior to owning EDSI in 1997, Suzanne served as Director for the Center of Continuing Education for the National Association of Print Leadership, a non-profit entity focused on serving entrepreneurs and executives in the commercial printing market. Suzanne received her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.

Suzanne is a noted training facilitator with hundreds of clients represented throughout the United States. She is a member of Women’s Vision Foundation, the Association for Talent Development and is listed in the Denver Social Register. She is married with two children and resides in Denver, Colorado.


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