Top 4 Ways to Communicate Clearly and with Impact

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Categories: Communication Strategy, Writing

We all connect with the world around us through our own filters, our own perceptions and misperceptions, our own assumptions. Occasionally those filters act as lenses to help us see more clearly. Most of the time, however, they cloud our view. How can you communicate more clearly? How can you connect with others to understand their needs better? How do you tailor your own messages to be heard better by those around you? In this session, you’ll learn simple techniques to avoid making assumptions, step outside of yourself and your filters, and focus on the needs of those around you.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

- Learn to focus on the other person to make a more solid impression.
- Craft a clear message about yourself and your abilities without bragging.
- Deliver that message with confidence and credibility.
- Avoid “up-speak” and the use of qualifying language.


Jay Sullivan, managing partner, Exec|Comm LLC

Photo of Jay Sullivan

Jay Sullivan, Managing Partner at Exec|Comm LLC, helps professionals improve their impact by teaching them to focus on the needs of their audiences. Working closely with learning and development professionals at many global organizations, Jay offers customized skills solutions proven to better engage communication skills for teams and individuals.

Prior to joining Exec|Comm, Jay spent nine years as a practicing attorney. Jay’s work has been featured in New York Law Journal, The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Catholic Digest, Parents Magazine, The Golfer, and Boston College Magazine. Jay is also the author of Simply Said: Communicating Better at Work and Beyond, released by John Wiley & Sons in October 2016.



Participants with the APR credential earn 1.0 APR Maintenance Credit for a half-day course. Learn more about Accreditation renewal.