Crisis Social Media When “It” Hits the Fan

Real-Time Solutions for Effective Response

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Categories: Crisis & Reputation, Social Media, Techniques & Tactics

Crisis communications is becoming more complicated and difficult. Communications channels are expanding and audiences are more diverse. Where crisis communications was once perceived as talking to the media after an event happened, today’s crisis audiences have expanded to include employees, customers, stakeholders and social media users. At the same time, channels have expanded from traditional news conferences to include e-mail blasts, Web posts, social media notification and more. Today’s PR professionals must invest more time than ever in the planning stage in order to deliver proper communications after the event goes public.

Gleeful communicators who see only the shiny marketing potential of social media must recognize its evil twin — the crisis side of social media. Furthermore, executives who are traditionally slow to approve communications in a crisis must realize that social media is creating new pressure for more rapid official communications.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • To tailor a crisis communications strategy specifically for your company.
  • How to select the communications channels and audiences that are best for your company.
  • To identify the right times and ways to use social media in a crisis.
  • Why executives are slow to approve communications.
  • The most effective ways to counsel leaders before and during a crisis.
  • How to add speed to your crisis communications plan so you can compete with the speed of Twitter.
  • The preparation needed to pull off a serious news conference.
  • The secret to creating a masterful news conference script.
  • The secret to answering tough questions.
  • To unlock the secret to dealing with speculative questions.
  • How to master your on-camera persona. 


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Gerard Braud, president and CEO, Braud Communications

Photo of Gerard Braud

An expert in media training and crisis communications, Braud has practiced his craft on five continents. He has spent 15 years as an award-winning journalist, with affiliate reports seen around the world on CNN, CBS, NBC and the BBC, and been quoted in more than 500 publications around the world.

“When I lost electricity, I shifted to my iPhone, Skype and G3, taking viewers to the heart of the story. Holding the iPad and iPhone at arm's length, I offered scenes better than correspondents for The Weather Channel and CNN.”



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