What Do We Do With All This Data?

How Public Relations Contributes to Decision Making in Big-Data Business

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Category: Techniques & Tactics

Even though data is plentiful in today’s business environment, it isn’t enough. Meaningful insights that drive organizational decisions and business value are critical — and extraordinarily rare.

PR professionals are well positioned. Within an organization’s big-data warehouse, PR research contributes unique perspectives beyond just “what happened,” including “why it happened” and “what can be done about it.” In this interactive webinar, developed in concert with the International Association of Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) to promote Measurement Month, you’ll learn how even simple PR research and evaluation can guide the PR process, from understanding your organizational landscape to setting objectives, developing strategy and evaluating performance for continuous improvement. You will learn:

  • What big data means for PR and how PR contributes to big data.
  • How organizations large and small gather PR data to uncover insights for better decision making.
  • Simple steps to take now to join the PR data movement.


Johna Burke, CMO, BurrellesLuce

Photo of Johna Burke

Burke, CMO, BurrellesLuce, oversees national marketing and sales for the U.S. leader in media monitoring and analysis. She has more than 22 years of professional experience in communications, and media and public relations. Burke speaks frequently on public relations, the media, measurement and strategy. Her dual background as both a practitioner and a provider gives her a refreshing perspective on relevant developments and trends, and a clear understanding of the tools and technology that PR professionals have at their disposal. Her experience as the PR and IR director of a Fortune 500 company adds another dimension to her value as a consultant to clients wanting to establish monitoring and analysis programs that are individualized, comprehensive and actionable.


Mark Weiner, CEO, PRIME Research

Photo of Mark Weiner

Weiner has devoted his career to helping organizations and brands generate a positive return on their PR investment. He authored “Unleashing the Power of PR," and has contributed to three other texts and published more than 100 articles. He is an editorial advisory board member of PRSA’s The Public Relations Strategist and PR News.


Cindy Villafranca, senior specialist, measurement and analytics, Southwest Airlines


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