Play With Your Words

Spice Up Your Headlines, Leads and Sound Bites With Wordplay

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Category: Techniques & Tactics

Wordplay can help you captivate readers, get the media to steal your sound bites and make your messages more memorable. The good news is that wordplay doesn’t take talent. It doesn’t take creativity. Instead, it takes technique, tricks and time.

In this wordplay writing webinar, you’ll learn techniques you can use to come up with the best headlines, leads and sound bites you’ve ever written. You will:

  • Go beyond twist of phrase. Learn to flip phrases, compress details, sub soundalikes, list, rhyme and twist — even coin new words. The more techniques you master, the more engaging your message will be.
  • Work your word tools. There are so many great (free!) online resources for wordplay. Get links to some of the best sources, as well as ideas for how to use them.
  • Get inspired by some of the world’s most creative headlines.
  • Lead better brainstorming sessions. Help your group dream up more bright ideas with one simple trick.
  • Stop writing groaners. Learn techniques that help you come up with surprising lines — and leave the clichés to the hacks.


Ann Wylie, president, Wylie Communications

Photo of Ann Wylie

Wylie works with communicators who want to reach more readers, and with organizations that want to get the word out. Her workshops take her from Hollywood to Helsinki, and to organizations like NASA, Nike and Nokia. More than 14,000 communicators worldwide subscribe to her e-zine, Wylie’s Writing Tips. She has earned more than 60 awards, including two IABC Gold Quills, for her work.



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