Social Media Manager’s Workshop

Strategies and Tactics for Effective Social Media Communications

This workshop is not currently available. Email the Professional Development Department to inquire about future availability of this program.

Categories: Social Media, Techniques & Tactics

Join top-rated emerging technologies instructor Eric Schwartzman for this two-day interactive session, and receive the latest tips and tricks to help you raise your social media management skills to the next level. Bring along your laptop, and prepare to update your digital communications and improve your social marketing engagement rates.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Sell the value of social media to anyone.
  • Improve the search visibility of your content.
  • Perform applied social marketing tasks autonomously.
  • Use free and premium social monitoring platforms.
  • Prevent a social media crisis.
  • Publish on Wordpress, iTunes and SoundCloud.
  • Share via mobile on Instagram, Vine and Ustream.

This is an advanced-skills course designed for management-level practitioners who oversee their organization’s social media communications, as well as individuals who are responsible for implementing social media communications.

Course Agenda


  1. Social Media Strategy
    1. Selling the Value of Social Media
    2. Content Marketing
    3. Social Media Policies
    4. Employee Ambassador Programs
  2. User Experience
    1. Impact on Corporate Reputation
    2. Issue of Proximity
    3. Homeland/Embassy Framework
    4. Engagement Methodology
  3. Search Engine Optimization
    1. Selling the Value of SEO
    2. Citation Indexing
    3. On-Page & Off-Page Optimization
    4. Case Studies
  4. Exercises
    1. Launch a Blog
    2. SEO a Blog Post
    3. Embed Photos and Videos
    4. Embedding PowerPoints
    5. Embed Tweet Buttons and Facebook Like Buttons


  1. Social Media Monitoring
    1. Keyword Filtering, Discovery and Validation
    2. Free Social Media Monitoring Platforms
    3. Premium Social Media Monitoring Platforms
    4. Monitoring Case Studies
  2. Social Media Crisis Prevention
    1. Governance, Risk and Compliance
    2. Disclosure & Transparency Rules
    3. Social and Digital Privacy
    4. Desktop and Mobile Security
  3. Social Media Communications in Practice
    1. Publishing Podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud
    2. Publishing a Blog Post on WordPress
    3. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
    4. Collaborating and Scheduling on Hootsuite
  4. Mobile Social Communications in Practice
    1. Sharing on Instagram
    2. Sharing on Vines
    3. Checking in on Swarm
    4. Live Streaming Video on Ustream



If you have any special need(s), please contact or (212) 460-1400 as far in advance of the program as practicable so that we may address your request. 


Eric Schwartzman, CEO, Comply Socially

Photo of Eric Schwartzman

Eric Schwartzman, consultant and founder, Comply Socially, is the best-selling author of “Social Marketing to the Business Customer.” He also is the strategic social media adviser to the US Department of State, the Pentagon, Boeing, Toyota and others.

Schwartzman is the top-rated emerging technologies instructor for PRSA, creator of the original “Social Media Boot Camp,” founder of iPRSoftware and host of the On the Record…Online PR Podcast.



Participants with the APR credential earn 2.0 APR Maintenance Credits for a one-day course. Learn more about Accreditation maintenance.