FDA Communications

The Strategy Behind Public Health and Regulatory Activities

Hosted by the Health Academy.

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Category: Communication Strategy

Every day, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues a high volume of often complex information that is critical to the health and safety of Americans, so it is crucial that the agency communicates in a way that is easy for consumers, health professionals and other audiences to understand. Also, FDA regulations and policies are frequently challenged or misunderstood, so communications efforts must be sufficiently flexible to ensure a prompt and clear response. In an increasingly cluttered communications environment, the recognition of the FDA as a trusted source of information is paramount.

How does the agency accomplish this? In this session, you will review a series of case studies that illustrate how the FDA formulates its communications strategy, and how the agency employs a range of tools and approaches to reach various stakeholders. You'll also:

  • Learn how the FDA executes its communications on public health and regulatory activities.
  • Discover how the FDA communicates in a competitive media arena.
  • Understand how the FDA is evolving its communications channels to more effectively reach diverse audiences on complex topics.


Kathleen Quinn, acting associate commissioner for external affairs, Food and Drug Administration


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