Big Data, IoT and Privacy

The Need to Balance Between Targeting and Turnoff

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Category: Social Media

Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) provide unprecedented opportunities for targeting. However, growing data privacy concerns are evoking pushback.

Discover what you need to know to guide your company or client through this unchartered landscape. Hear unique experiences and perspectives on what implications of the digital data paradigm mean for professional communicators.

You’ll also:

  •  Discuss methods of applying collected data analytics to marketing, PR and communication initiatives.
  •  Learn about potential policy and legal implications that, if enacted, could impact marketing and communications.
  •  Discuss how savvy communicators can seek a balance to avoid consumer burnout, and increased desensitization and/or withdrawal from engagement.


Rebecca B. Andersen, M.S., IMC, APR, director, marketing and business development, LightCounting Market Research

Photo of Rebecca B. Andersen, M.S., IMC, APR

Andersen was named one of the “15 to Watch Under 30” by PR News in 2007, and has been the recipient of campaign-based awards, such as Marcom Creative, Magellan and Communicator. She is the immediate past president of the PRSA National Capital Chapter, the largest Chapter in the United States.


Kathy Stershic, principal consultant, Dialog Research & Communications

Photo of Kathy Stershic

Stershic provides senior-level business and communications consulting expertise to executives at leading-edge organizations, and is especially known for bringing focus and alignment to complex environments. She has worked with many IT companies in various stages of growth, which affords her broad understanding and insights into the high-tech marketplace, as well as internal organizational dynamics. She regularly blogs about policy issues relating to changing technology.



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