What To Do When the Headline Is YOU

Your Response is the Difference Between Success and Failure

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Categories: Executive Level, Media Relations

Responding to tough questions from media and stakeholders when public trust is at stake requires special skill. Learning to communicate effectively with media, especially in a crisis, is like learning a new language.

Former investigative reporter Jeff Ansell has created a unique process to equip senior executives and spokespeople with the confidence and ability to successfully manage all manner of media encounters. Participants will discover:

  • Unique formulas to create and deliver messages.
  • Response techniques for difficult questions.
  • Strategies to avoid interview pitfalls.
  • A framework for delivering negative news.
  • How not to be misquoted or taken out of context.


Jeff Ansell, principal, Jeff Ansell & Associates Inc.

Jeff Ansell is principal of Jeff Ansell & Associates Inc. As a media and crisis adviser, he has trained White House spokespeople, worked with BP's partner following the Gulf oil spill and provided counsel in the Erin Brockovich case. Jeff has served as senior vice president of Hill+Knowlton, and is the author of, “When the Headline Is YOU: An Insider's Guide to Handling the Media.”


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