Catch Your Readers

Ensure That Your Content Makes the Cut

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Categories: Techniques & Tactics, Writing

Are your messages actually being read? Americans are bombarded with more than 5,000 messages a day — more than a million pieces of information a year. They toss most of that material without even looking at it. So the question is: How do you ensure that your content makes the cut? Learn useful tactics that will help you develop distinctive content that reaches and appeals to your target audience. Ann Wylie will show you how to put your public relations and communications copy among the fraction your “reader” actually reads.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Think like a reader. Put yourself in your audience members’ heads so you can make your copy valuable, interesting and relevant.
  • Go beyond the inverted pyramid. The traditional news structure doesn’t work well with readers. Isn’t it time to master a better alternative?
  • Cut through the clutter. Master a seven-step system for making every piece you write easier to read and understand.
  • Rev up readership. Draw people into your copy, make your copy more accessible — even reach readers who won’t read.

Lunch and materials provided.


Ann Wylie, president, Wylie Communications

Photo of Ann Wylie

Wylie works with communicators who want to reach more readers, and with organizations that want to get the word out. Her workshops take her from Hollywood to Helsinki, and to organizations like NASA, Nike and Nokia. More than 14,000 communicators worldwide subscribe to her e-zine, Wylie’s Writing Tips. She has earned more than 60 awards, including two IABC Gold Quills, for her work.



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