PRSA Storytellers: Ethical Communications in the Military: Eliminating the Say/Do Gap on the Battlefield and Beyond

On-Demand, available until Dec. 31, 2022
Recorded Sept. 9, 2021

Categories: Ethics, Media Relations

Join us in this highly engaging webinar where Admiral Jurkowsky tells us his “secret sauce” for organizational success, which is founded upon the principles of ethical integrity and how to have a harmonious relationship with the media, even when the press wants information that could compromise operational security. His extensive experience post-military at Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Treasury Department showcases times where his team made the right call for transparency, engagement, and honesty in situations with no easy answers. The Admirals insights are a lesson to us all in leading with integrity and making sure an organization’s actions line up with its values.

Co-Hosted by the Board of Ethics and Professional Standards and the Public Affairs and Government Section


Rear Adm. (ret.) Tom Jurkowsky has more than five decades of experience working in high-stakes communications on the front lines. His book, The Secret Sauce for Organizational Success: Communications and Leadership on the Same Page, details case studies such as the loss of sailors’ lives; ship collisions and fires; the infamous Tailhook scandal; and numerous unfavorable incidents at the U.S. Naval Academy. He's also assisted in the production of several Navy-related Hollywood movies such as Top Gun.


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