Reach More Readers By Thinking Like a Reader

Live Nov. 11, 2021
3–4 p.m. EST
On-Demand, available Nov. 18 through Dec. 2
Full Price: $200
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Category: Writing

It’s counterintuitive, but true: The product is never the topic. The program is never the topic. The plan is never the topic. The topic is never the topic.

The reader is always the topic.

In this persuasive-writing webinar, you’ll steal techniques from persuasive 20th-century Americans including Martin Luther King Jr., John Kennedy, Margaret Chase Smith, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. You’ll learn a four-step strategy for writing from the readers’ point of view.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Take advantage of the formula readers use to decide what to read.
  • Tap 2 rewards of reading to boost interest in your persuasive argument.
  • Answer the No. 1 question your reader is asking about your piece.
  • Make a 2-minute perspective shift to focus your message on reader value — not on “us and our stuff.”
  • Use a 3-letter word that magically increases relevance to your readers … a useful skill in many settings.


Ann Wylie, president, Wylie Communications

Photo of Ann Wylie

Wylie works with communicators who want to reach more readers, and with organizations that want to get the word out. Her workshops take her from Hollywood to Helsinki, and to organizations like NASA, Nike and Nokia. More than 14,000 communicators worldwide subscribe to her e-zine, Wylie’s Writing Tips. She has earned more than 60 awards, including two IABC Gold Quills, for her work.



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