Videos That Stop the Scroll!

On-Demand, available until April 8, 2022
Recorded March 25, 2021

Categories: Emerging Trends, Social Media, Techniques & Tactics

There are more eyes on social media right now than ever before. Great visual content is the easiest way to stop folks in their tracks as they scroll through feeds. When it comes to video, there are some simple tips and tricks that will help you bust algorithms and spark the types of interaction that drive engagement and market your brand more effectively.

This webinar will look at some easy ways for content creators at all levels to step up their video game and maximize reach on social media and beyond in 2021 — everything from framing, lighting and adding text to which platforms to utilize and considerations on video length.


Steven Norris, director, media relations and social media, Georgia Institute of Technology

Photo of Steven Norris

Steven Norris directs the social media program at Georgia Tech, one of the world's top research and technology universities. 

Since taking over, Georgia Tech's social media program has been ranked the top college in America on Twitter by the World100 Reputation Network and the #3 college nationwide on Facebook by RivalIQ.

Under Steven's guidance, Georgia Tech's Facebook reaches 3 million users monthly, and the Twitter account generates 2.5 million monthly impressions. Georgia Tech's flagship Instagram account has grown 166% in three years, and Snapchat has pulled in 1.2 million views on content in less than a year. Georgia Tech's engagement numbers often triple or quadruple those of peer institutions. Twice Georgia Tech social media videos have drawn 10 million plus views and viral international acclaim and the social team even worked out The Ellen Show broadcasting live on campus.

Prior to taking over social media at Georgia Tech, Steven was an award-winning journalist and social media strategist for television stations across the southeast United States.


Edward Brice Zimmerman, social media manager, Georgia Institute of Technology

Photo of Edward Brice Zimmerman

Currently a Social Media Manager at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Ga. with an emphasis on content creation, Brice has more than 12 years of experience in the fields of video production, social media, photography, graphic design, broadcasting, writing, publications and media relations.

Brice came to Georgia Tech after spending six years as the Director of the Broadcasting and Media Relations for the Fort Myers Miracle minor league baseball organization; an affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. In Fort Myers, Fla., Brice served as the play-by-play broadcaster for a 140-game schedule in addition to full slate of media relations duties.


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