Integrated Analytics: Connecting Communications and PR Activities to Business Impact

Live March 18, 2021
3–4 p.m. EDT
On-Demand, available March 25
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Category: Measurement & ROI

Based on her years of experience with global support services, Pragya Dubey will introduce the concept of integrated analytics and how to approach impact-based PR measurement. She will showcase ready-to-use metrics that are cost effective and scalable to apply across various programs and clients for PR agencies.

The current era of PR measurement is seeing a shift. Communications and PR professionals require more meaningful metrics that showcase the impact of PR toward business outcomes. Industry organizations such as PRSA, AMEC, CPRS and IPR have been taking the lead in moving industry professionals away from traditional metrics like reach and ad value equivalency (AVE), and instead toward awareness about how to directly attribute value to PR activities. While the reliance on reach and AVE is still deep-rooted, more and more there is a shift to “newer metrics.” However, the answers are not easily available. The PR community is looking for more guidance and solutions that are cost effective, easy to implement and scalable. As an experienced leader of global services and media insights, Pragya Dubey and her team have been proactively working with clients to bring about this shift, and to collaboratively create impact-based measurement programs. She has developed and tested new strategies to measure the overall impact of an entire communications team and its activities on corporate objectives and on just a specific campaign or goal. Integrating and measuring communication as a whole, and not just focusing on media relations, has been a key driving force in this evolution. Based on real-world experience, a three-step approach has emerged: 1) Understand your client’s current measurement program (or absence of one). This includes understanding why your client is interested in measuring and what they don’t yet realize they should be interested in measuring. Are they getting actionable insights from their measurement? Is it guiding future actions and strategies? Are they connecting and correlating communication outcomes to business outcomes? 2) Study your client’s communications plan and objectives to help understand the change they aim to facilitate or the desired outcome they want to impact. 3) Create a custom measurement program that will help measure your client’s activities both at the outcomes and actionable insights level as well as connecting to the business objectives. It is especially important to correlate metrics with other business data the client can share such as web analytics, sales, donors and subscriptions, among others. Integrated measurement incorporates multiple facets of communications. It is designed to highlight and validate how a communications program is working and creating value for the organization. It also brings aspects of communication activities under its measurement umbrella so it is not just the media outcomes that are being measured, but other activities as well. These activities may include events, internal communications, social media and spokespeople. All are measured to ultimately build a connection between both communication objectives and business objectives. This webinar will walk participants through the thought process needed to approach their PR measurement and will share practical tips and metrics that they can start to apply right away. Additionally, this webinar will highlight some practical ways of how Dubey has helped real clients with their PR measurement programs.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Define what an integrated measurement framework is.
  • Determine why they should implement a measurement framework and what purpose it serves.
  • Measure the impact of communications on business objectives using a three-step process.
  • Implement metrics that anyone can get started with right away.
  • Reference practical examples of how other clients have implemented an integrated measurement framework.


Pragya Dubey, senior director global services, Agility PR Solutions

Photo of Pragya Dubey

Pragya Dubey has over 15 years of industry experience in consulting and executing public relations, communications, and media measurement programs. She has worked with a range of clients representing Fortune 500 companies, federal, provincial, and municipal government divisions, and small to medium sized businesses. The key focus of her work was tracking companies’ communication activities to measure, and correlate and connect how these activities are impacting business objectives.


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