Social Media and Effective Reputation Management in a Time of COVID-19

On-Demand, available until April 28, 2021
Recorded April 21, 2020

Categories: Crisis & Reputation, Social Media

With roughly 3 billion social media users worldwide as of 2020, social media is a dominant arena in which the battle for protecting reputations is won or lost. In this webinar, the challenges and opportunities presented by social media during a crisis will be examined through the context of COVID-19. Case study examples from this current global crisis will be explored to reveal best practices and what is best avoided in crisis communication on social media.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Determine the elements of social media that can be most threatening during a crisis and why.
  • Determine the elements of social media that can be most helpful during a crisis and why.
  • Leverage these elements effectively to protect or enhance trust and confidence among those who matter.
  • Understand how to respond effectively to critical or negative questions / comments from stakeholders.


Holly Helstrom, associate, Logos Institute

Photo of Holly Helstrom

Holly Helstrom is an associate at Logos Consulting Group and fellow at the Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership. She advises clients across many industries on effective crisis response.

In addition, Holly researches, designs, and presents in-depth case studies that bring to life the principles and best practices that comprise Logos Institute’s curriculum. Through meticulous research and thoughtful curation, Holly elevates and enriches the firm’s case study and learning library, which creates a more vibrant experience for Logos clientele. Her research areas of interest include reputation and crisis management on social media, gender and leadership, and the intersection of ethics, society, and technology. Holly also has expertise in conceptualizing, creating, and implementing crisis simulation scenarios tailored to challenge and strengthen clients’ crisis evaluation and response skills.


Participants with the APR credential earn 0.5 CEUs for a webinar. Learn more about Accreditation renewal.