Writing for the News: The AP’s Essential Writing Rules for PR Professionals

On-Demand, available until June 9, 2021
Recorded June 2, 2020

Categories: Emerging Trends, Writing

AP Stylebook has been the leading reference for many forms of public-facing corporate communications since 1953.  It offers professional guidelines on grammar, punctuation, definitions, rules for usage, styles for capitalization, abbreviation, spelling and numerals.

In this 60-minute webinar, Paula Froke, lead editor of AP’s Stylebook, will take you through the essential 2020 writing rules for PR professionals, including:

  • AP style updates you shouldn’t miss this year
  • Essential AP style rules that haven’t changed – including mistakes you’re probably making in your press releases
  • How to apply the AP grammar and punctuation styles to your work including how to use hyphens, commas, parentheses and quotations
  • How and why AP editors make changes to Stylebook entries and why you should care about what’s changing
  • Your questions!

You’ll take away an understanding of the 10 classic style rules that haven’t changed and the 10 updates you shouldn’t miss this year.


Paula Froke, APME executive director, The Associated Press


Participants with the APR credential earn 0.5 CEUs for a webinar. Learn more about Accreditation renewal.