Invention in PR: How To Use Public Relations as a Creative Engine

The Creative Edition

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Recorded April 15, 2020
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Categories: Communication Strategy, Emerging Trends, Social Media, Techniques & Tactics

Case in Point

Case in Points are online, interactive case studies that are focused on various industry topics within communications. Each Case in Point is 75-minutes in length and the interaction will be tied to a private, online community. The online community will encourage participation through videos, suggested readings tied to the topic and through conversing with other attendees before and after the live session.

Case in Point: Invention in PR: How To Use Public Relations as a Creative Engine

The Creative Edition

PR has earned its seat at the decision-making table. But another meeting happened before it arrived. Each time a communications team readies itself for a launch, the product or service has already been determined, developed and often packaged. Sometimes PR helps inform certain features, but it rarely makes the first step toward the drafting table.

The profession can do better. It can go beyond promoting what it's handed and invent newsworthy offerings from the ground up.
In this interactive Case in Point, participants will learn how to apply invention at the beginning of the PR process and take away usable strategies and tactics for agencies and in-house. Case studies will be shared that cover an entrepreneurial approach to public relations, creative problem-solving, selling an unconventional idea internally, packaging it, getting stakeholders buzzing, integrating social and untethering media outreach from the usual suspects at launch time.
With every communications discipline claiming to be in the storytelling business, this Case in Point goes deeper than storytelling and into authorship.
By the end of this Case in Point, participants will be able to:

  • Use PR skills to take obscure, regional or “me too” products/services, reshape them into something newsworthy and inject them into national news.
  • Construct campaigns that cross multiple industries — and even continents — with strategies and tactics tied directly to business outcomes.
  • Blur the line between pixels and print and merge the digital with the physical by introducing multisensory components into content distribution.
  • Reinvigorate a passion for PR by pushing it beyond existing definitions and turning seemingly impossible communications challenges into some of the most fun you’ll have in your career.


Adam Ritchie, Adam Ritchie Brand Direction



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