The Shifting Tides of Brand in PR and Communications Today: How to Appeal to the New Consumer Market

On-Demand, available until March 19, 2021
Recorded March 12, 2020

Categories: Branding, Communication Strategy, Emerging Trends, Techniques & Tactics

Brand…we all think about it as PR & communications professionals; but, do we all see it the same way? The tides are shifting as new Gen Z consumers enter the market and millennials continue to influence direction and many decisions for companies nationwide. In this webinar, Katherine Morales, APR, Authentic Brand Strategist™ and founder of Inflection Point Communications, will share insights on these shifts as well as how we can utilize them to devise more resonate communications and strategies for the companies we represent. You’ll discover how-to:

  • Navigate the shifts and what it means for your role as a PR & Communications Pro
  • Connect most effectively with the millennial and Gen Z consumer base
  • Grow the brand behind your business and its products/services


Katherine Morales, APR, president, Inflection Point Communications, LLC

Photo of Katherine Morales, APR

Katherine Morales, APR, Authentic Brand Strategist™, is an award-winning, accredited PR/marketing consultant. As founder of Inflection Point Communications, she helps companies to connect with the best customers and clients to grow their business. She’s worked with major corporations including Chick-fil-A, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Bayer CropScience; and, now she helps other businesses discover the secret to growing their brands too! Specializing in authentic brand building, intentional marketing, reputation management and strategic communications planning, Katherine shows entrepreneurs and corporations alike how to fuel their best marketing with greater authenticity, build and expand their base, and reach their true inflection point!



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