Work Smarter, Not Harder in 2020: Get Beyond the Daily PR Grind to Get Better Results WITHOUT Being Tethered to Your Phone 24/7

How to leave behind your frazzled, harried work life without ticking off co-workers, clients and bosses.

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Categories: Communication Strategy, Emerging Trends, Leadership & Management, Techniques & Tactics

Michael Smart has consulted for everyone from Fortune 20 companies to mid-sized PR agencies on how to get better communications results. Increasingly, the most urgent question his clients ask during his training sessions is: “How do I find the time I need to accomplish everything?” So he developed the first productivity and time management training specifically for PR pros. Hundreds have completed it successfully, and he’s now bringing it to PRSA.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • Scientific research that proves the conventional approach to day-to-day work in PR is the absolute opposite of what works best
  • Empirical results previous PR pros have earned by implementing these proven techniques
  • How to change others’ expectation of you from “responsive” to “effective”
  • Specific phrasing for your emails and conversations with others to set boundaries in a way the builds respect, not annoyance
  • Free or inexpensive software tools that shield you from incessant digital distraction
  • Ways to create space for the creative side of your brain, which is why you got into PR anyway!
  • Why these changes will mean BETTER service for your employer/clients


Michael Smart, principal, MichaelSMARTPR

Photo of Michael Smart

Michael Smart is the trainer and coach PR professionals turn to when they want to improve their communications results. He’s trained more than 10,000 communicators around the globe including teams at General Motors, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and many other organizations and agencies, large and small. His popular workshops sell out and he is regularly among the top-rated presenters at the PR conferences where he speaks.



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