Circular Fashion & The Media Cycle

On-Demand, available until Sept. 17, 2020
Recorded Sept. 19, 2019

Category: Crisis & Reputation

Whilst the industry continually works harder to try and 'fix" fashion through more sustainable approaches, the growth of citizen journalism, activism and fake news across social media, along with lack of transparency in over-stretched supply chains, means brands are more at risk than ever of facing a potential PR nightmare.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify common supply chain ethics issues in the fashion industry
  • Identify common triggers and escalators when monitoring issues and crises
  • Gain Knowledge in tactics (and things to avoid) in response to supply chain criticism issues

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Sophie Fenwick, Crisp

Photo of Sophie Fenwick

Sophie Fenwick is a Crisis Consultant at Crisp. With a background in all things digital, her focus is on working with global brands to detect a wide range of harmful social content, ensuring they're first to know about real-time emerging PR issues, misinformation and online security threats.


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