Purposes & Values: When You Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong

On-Demand, available until May 14, 2020
Recorded May 14, 2019

Category: Branding

Increasingly, brands are moving away from concentrating purely on the price, features, and quality of their products and services in marketing campaigns. Instead, they are beginning to focus on less tangible areas such as values and beliefs. Why is this shift taking place and what is driving it? For brands who make this move; does it reap only benefits, or are there also hidden pitfalls?

By the end of this course, participants will be able to

  • Define what values-based marketing is
  • Understand why there has been a shift to brands marketing based on their purpose and values
  • Describe the benefits of purpose and value-driven marketing
  • Understand the risks to reputation that brands who follow this path may be prey to

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Emma Monks, vice president, crisis intelligence, Crisp

Photo of Emma Monks

Emma Monks is VP of Crisis Intelligence at Crisp. She is a specialist in Social Media Safety, harmful content and crisis monitoring. She has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, protecting global brands from a wide range of harmful content online, including ensuring regulatory compliance on social media, reporting adverse events, identifying emerging PR issues and detecting security threats online.



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