Crisis Communication Certificate Program

Oct. 30–Dec. 11, 2019

Oct.30Dec.11, 2019 (skipping Thanksgiving week)

Full Price: $1,795
Members: $1,495

Categories: Communication Strategy, Conferences, Crisis & Reputation, Emerging Trends, Ethics, Executive Level, Leadership & Management, Measurement & ROI, Media Relations, Social Media, Techniques & Tactics

Effective crisis communication can help organizations maintain trust, inspire consumer confidence and build competitive advantage. As recent poorly handled crises in business, government and nonprofits show how ineffective crisis communication can set an organization back significantly. To provide more education and understanding surrounding crisis communication, PRSA has re-developed the Crisis Communication Certificate Program. Designed as a certificate of completion program, the Crisis Communication Certificate Program will equip management-level communicators with best practices in industry perspectives by sharing resources and ideas and working through various crises.

Each module will be led by nationally-and internationally-recognized experts in their field; most also will also include a case study presented by an industry leader who lived through a crisis and can share both what worked and what didn’t work. This professional development offering is designed as a live, online series of six modules and will launch on Oct. 30, 2019, and run through Dec. 11, 2019 (skipping Thanksgiving week), airing each consecutive Wednesday from 3–4:30 p.m. ET. All modules will be recorded so that participants can listen or review them after the live date or to re-listen in preparation for the final exam. Additionally, member participants will be given access to PRSA’s Online Crisis Communication Community, an exclusive online forum offering private access and interactive dialogue with other members taking the course.

The course involves a combination of presenters, with Helio Fred Garcia providing the structure of the core curriculum. Each week he will be joined by one or more experts in various aspects of the week’s topic who will present case studies of how they applied the concepts. After successfully completing and passing the 18-question, multiple-choice test at the end of the series, registrants will be awarded a certificate of completion.

This Certificate Program is Designed for:

  • Manager and senior-level PR and communication professionals.
  • Professionals who are responsible for corporate reputation.
  • Any professional responsible for managing a corporate communications team.
  • Leaders charged with advising leaders, lawyers and other executives.
  • Professionals responsible for managing digital communications.
  • Risk Management professionals.
  • Managers with five or more years of experience.

By the end of this Certificate Program, participants will be able to:

  • Master key skills and tools needed to understand the drivers of trust in the context of fulfilling expectations.
  • Obtain forgiveness through the specific language of apologies.
  • Understand the techniques for building and sustaining a corporate narrative.
  • Effectively communicate how to persuade CEOs and other senior executives during a crisis.
  • Develop clarity around roles and processes.
  • Define how to plan for both timely and effective crisis responses.

Certificate Program Modules:

  • Principles of Effective Crisis Response
  • Obtaining Public Forgiveness
  • The Challenges of Social Media in Crisis
  • Influencing Leaders
  • Operational Readiness No. 1: Establishing an Effective Crisis Response Team and Process
  • Operational Readiness No. 2: Effective Crisis Planning

Increasingly leaders of organizations are appreciating the need to be ready for when a crisis hits. And they are seeing their PR advisors as critical business partners in helping them preserve their competitive position in a crisis. This certificate program equips PR and communication professionals to help their organizations maintain the trust of those who matter, when it matters most.– Helio Fred Garcia, Executive Director, Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership; Professor at NYU and Columbia


Helio Fred Garcia, executive director, Logos Institute

Photo of Helio Fred Garcia

For more than 30 years, Garcia has helped leaders and public relations professionals build trust, inspire loyalty and lead effectively. He has worked with clients in dozens of countries on six continents. He has been on the NYU faculty since 1988, and teaches crisis management in NYU’s executive MBA program, and crisis communication in NYU’s MS in PR/CorpComm program. He is also on the leadership faculty of the Master’s in Advanced Studies in Crisis Management & Security Policy at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. Garcia is currently the executive director at the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership.



Participants with the APR credential earn 1.0 APR Maintenance Credit for each completed session of this course, for a total of 6.0 credits.