Integrated Communication Certificate Program

This live online course is not currently available. Email the Professional Development Department to inquire about future availability of this program.

Categories: Communication Strategy, Emerging Trends, Measurement & ROI, Social Media, Techniques & Tactics

The Integrated Communication Certificate Program builds an advanced approach to integrated marketing communications that is specifically built for today’s communication professional. Strategic integrated communication can help organizations streamline their efforts and significantly boost results by focusing on synergy, alignment and measurement.

Designed as a live certificate of completion program, the Integrated Communication Certificate Program will equip management-level communicators with best practices within integrated marketing concepts for specific audiences in order to develop integrated strategies and tactics that work together to boost results and effectively manage your work in a planned, synchronous fashion.

The live, online series of six modules will launch on Aug. 14, 2019, and run through Sept. 18, 2019, airing each consecutive Wednesday from 3–4:30 p.m. ET. All modules will be recorded so that participants can listen or review them after the live date or to re-listen in preparation for the final exam. Additionally, member participants will be given access to PRSA’s Online Integrated Communication Community, an exclusive online forum offering private access and interactive dialogue with other members taking the course.

Each module will be led by nationally and internationally recognized experts in their field. Most also will include a case study presented by an industry leader who worked through an integrated communication project and can share what was effective and what wasn’t.

After successfully completing the 18-question, multiple-choice test at the end of the series, registrants will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Certificate Program Modules:

  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Concept Review
  • Building Cross-Channel Personas
  • Identifying and Influencing Audience Behavior
  • Using Digital Marketing and SEO Tactics to Build Integration
  • The Role of Content and Social Media in Effective Integration
  • Measuring Integrated Marketing Communications

This Certificate Program is Designed for:

  • Manager and senior-level PR and communication professionals.
  • Professionals who are responsible for corporate communication.
  • Any professional responsible for managing a corporate communication team.
  • Leaders charged with advising other executives.
  • Professionals responsible for managing digital communications.
  • Marketing professionals.
  • Managers with five or more years of experience.

By the end of this Certificate Program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand advanced concepts of integration in the context of public relations and communications projects.
  • Apply integration strategy across multiple channels to drive stronger results in faster, more efficient manner.
  • Understand digital marketing and SEO strategies to create more cohesive integrated plans.
  • Enhance social media and content skills to build stronger synergy between channels.
  • Create effective goals and measurements to determine success metrics and create a continuous improvement feedback loop.

Change is happening at a rapid rate in the communications industry. A commitment to ongoing professional development and continuous learning is vital to remain successful in this shifting landscape.” - Bonnie Harris, President, Wax Marketing


Bonnie Harris, president, Wax Marketing

Photo of Bonnie Harris

Bonnie Harris has designed and implemented IMC strategies for clients across the United States, including National Geographic and Yale University. Prior to founding her IMC practice in 2002, she worked in marketing and management in the technology industry for 15 years. She received her master’s degree from the IMC program at West Virginia University in 2007.



Participants with the APR credential earn 1.0 APR Maintenance Credit for each completed session of this course, for a total of 6.0 credits.