Communication Research and Measurement Master Class

Nov. 12–13, 2020
New Orleans
New Orleans, La.
Registration not currently available.
This workshop is not currently available. Email the Professional Development Department to inquire about future availability of this program.

Category: Measurement & ROI

In two days, participants will hear from the instructor and each other about best practices for planning measurably successful communication campaigns, and apply what they learn to a project or campaign they will soon need to address at work. They will learn about many different ways to measure messages, channels and outcomes of communication. They also will get feedback from the instructor and other participants on the plans and measurement tools they draft themselves based on what they learn.

By the end of the Master Class, participants will walk out with deliverable they have created themselves.

Some of the key concepts covered in the class include how to:

  • Create a communication plan for a campaign or project focused on changing stakeholder behaviors. This project should be based on a real situation each participant is addressing in his or her own organization.
  • Develop a measurement plan for conducting research before the planned campaign is implemented as well as measuring during and after the campaign to track its success.
  • Write measurable SMART objectives based on the communication plan for messages, channels and outcomes.
  • Analyze the pros and cons of different types of communication research methodologies to apply in different situations.
  • Draft a focus group guide and a survey to use as part of an overall communication audit — or to apply only to the campaign planned during the class.
  • Interpret raw data from surveys and present results in an accurate and meaningful way. (This part of the class will use existing results from other surveys.)


Angela Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow, member of IPR Measurement Commission, CEO, Sinickas Communications, Inc.

Photo of Angela Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow, member of IPR Measurement Commission

Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow, member of IPR Measurement Commission, has been measuring communication over several decades in both corporate positions and for clients. Her practical approaches have led to promotions for herself and clients, as well as increased funding by senior leaders.  She has conducted research and training in 32 countries, written over 150 articles on research available at her website (www.sinicom.com), and written a manual, How to Measure Your Communication Programs.



Participants with the APR credential earn 4.0 APR Maintenance Credits for a two-day course. Learn more about Accreditation renewal.