Creating Content That Works: How to Get -- and Keep -- Employees' Attention

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Categories: Communication Strategy, Leadership & Management, Techniques & Tactics

It’s never been harder, yet more critical, to get and keep the attention of your workforce. In this webinar, we’ll explore why making great content matters, changes you can make tomorrow and how you can ultimately compete with cat videos!

This webinar is designed to get participants thinking differently about their internal content strategies and ultimately how to better connect with employees for improved business performance. We’ll start with a grounding in today’s world and paint a picture of how distracted (and distractable) today’s employees are, and why creating breakthrough content is more important than ever. We’ll then shift to introducing a 5-part model for creating great content ranging from sharpening up the message, expressing it in a way that maximizes creativity and impact, delivering it in a receiver-centric way and measuring effectiveness. Along the way, we’ll solicit feedback and contributions from the group to get conversation going, and share content examples from companies we admire to spark further thinking.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to make the business case for improved employee content and apply a simple model to help them organize their strategies.
  • Understand the best-in-class content examples in creating content from other companies.
  • Discuss their current content challenges with peers to determine areas they can improve and explore when they return to work.


Christopher Hannegan, principal, PwC



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